#GetFitFridays Week 1

Nothing tastes as good as skinny, happy and healthy feels
#GetFitFridays Week 1

Welcome to Week One of my getting fit journey. Not much change from the beginning of the year with my weekly weigh ins, so I’ve decided to take it a notch and blog about it.

I’ve joined the gym and been active on the SparkPeople web site. I ‘m also on MyFitnessPal but I seem to get more motivation with The Spark. I also wear a fitbit so I will challenge myself daily.

Of course I will document in my bullet journal. I have a 2-page “health 2017” layout in the beginning of my journal and each month I do a monthly inches page and insert my picture.

Spring is here! It starts tomorrow Monday, March 20th and will run till Wednesday, June 21st. It’s 94 days a little over 3 months, so let’s GET FIT and rock the next 3 months.

Hope you join me!


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