#GetFitFridays Week 3

Staying Healthy and Fit

#GetFitFridays  Week 3

Thanks for joining me in  another week of #GetFitFridays trying to stay fit and healthy.  I do work 40 plus hours out side my home and  have a very stressful and demanding job.  On top of that I have a big birthday coming up this year and seeing the changes it’s taking on my body.  One of these major changes I’m dealing with is my sleep.  I cannot get the deep all night sleep in that I adored before.  I wake up frequently during the night.  Because of this I’m fatigued during the day and cranky.  Like a snowball rolling down a hill gathering more snow as it becomes bigger and bigger.  My inability to get a good nights sleep can cause low energy during the day, less mental sharpness, and even lead it’s way to depression.

My peaceful place – walking around the lake

I’ve heard the saying before and I guess it’s pretty true.  “You are what you eat.”  It’s been a hit and miss with me.  I need to get on the right path to staying healthy.  I know what I should do but doing it is another story.  Hopefully,  this will be my wake-up call and start moving in the right direction.

Exercise – Need to move more.  Get outside and walk.  Regular brisk walking will help maintain weight, help with mood, balance and coordination. It strengthens muscles.  Get in that needed vitamin D from the sunshine or a supplement if you can’s get outdoors.  I’m sharing pictures of two of my favorite walking trails.

Hydrate – Can’t say enough about water.  Drink it.

No Smoking or drinking – this is an easy one for me since I don’t do either.

Food – My downfall.  Love of salty snacks.  Salt leads to edema (swelling and puffiness) trying to add less salt in my diet,  no sugar, lean proteins, high fiber fruits and veggies and healthy fats.  I also take a multivitamin.

Do you have any tips to add?  Let us know in the comments.

Hope you have a great new week and a Happy and Healthy April 2017!

Hugs & Smooches,







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