Prayer Journal Tutorial – Part 3

Creating my Prayer Journal


Now we are going to focus on the second half of our prayer journal.  Praying for yourself and others.


  • M – Me, my family and friends

May my family be protected from harm, misfortune and sadness.

May we enjoy the privilege of spending time together to share joy, celebrate happy occasions and to be there for each other when there is need for comfort.

May good health prevail and may there be ever-present faith in God’s Mercy and Grace.   Amen


Here is where I ask God to help me in each of my daily roles.  I ask God to help me be encouraging,  to give me wisdom, insight, intuition and unconditional love.  To protect me from unforgiveness, fatigue, anger, neglecting responsibilities, anxiety, worry and selfishness. To remain faithful in pray for each of theses roles I was blessed with.

  • Wife and Marriage – help me increase my love for him, show respect in words and actions, talk to him ans listen attentively, overlook deficiencies, remind me in the moment when I am failing.

  • Being a mom – This job I absolutely cannot do without you Lord.

  • My job – Bless and protect my time away from my family.  Help my to be a hard worker and a blessing to my employer.

  • Me to be a good sister and friend – pray to keep communications open, to be understanding, be there when needed.

  • My  husband – help me be an encouragement and strong partner in his life

  • My children – I praise You for the gift of my children.  I pray they will find You and keep You in their hearts.  I pray for Your angels to surround them and keep them safe, healthy and strong.  I pray for their confidence and strength (I have a page for each of my children.  I pray individually for each one.  I make note of what they need and pray for that for them.)


I – Imagine your day and Visualize your outcome

Nothing more to be said here.  Close your eyes and see your day unfolding.  Just how awesome it’s going to be. I thought this was cute saying to get me through the day.  “I am a Princess, not because I have a Prince, but because my Father is a KING and he is GOD.


R – Reading

Reading the Bible – Scripture reading


A – Affirmations

Find your favorite mantra or affirmation.  I have one for when I wake up and another for bedtime to help me quite my mind and sleep peacefully.


C – Confession

A review of the last 24 hours.

Did I avoid something I shouldn’t have?  Did I fail God in any area of personal conduct?  Was I honest in my dealings of others?  Did I “spark joy”?  Was I wasteful of my time or money? I can go on and on here.

Dear Lord,  Search my heart for any unconfessed sin.  I repent, I ask forgiveness for all the wrong I have done.  I confess my need for divine guidance and the need to be led by the Holy Spirit.  Amen

L – Love this One

This section is where I but all my answered prayers.  My blessings.  All those requests and prayers that I sent up get answered sooner or later in God’s own way.  I put the date I got the answer to my prayer and remember to thank God for the blessing you prayed for.


E – Everyone Else

My extended family, friends, people who ask for prayers, people in disasters and so on – I just jot their names here in this section to remember them in my prayers.  I usually put dates and their problem along side their names so I can keep updates on their progress. Send get-well cards etc. I will cross their name out when prayer answered and of course thank God for the blessing.


S – make your amen STRONG!

To praise – begin with an act of adoration, end with an act of magnification.

Make your Amen strong.    ~    Martin Luther

AMEN: It means – “so be it” or “it is done”

To say Amen in prayer is to express confidence the God has heard our petitions.  Never doubting that God is listening to me. That I know with certainty that this prayer I said today has been heard by God.

I praise God because He is Hugh and He will be magnified in my life, my family’s life and those I am praying for.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  I have gotten inspiration, quotes and prayers from Pinterest, Facebook and other bloggers.

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