Prayer Journal Tutorial

Prayer Journal Tutorial

Part one

A few supplies are needed before you get started.  I’m going to be updating and refreshing my prayer journal.  It’s been looking worn-out and tired lately.  With Lent started what better time to re-evaluate my love for God and pray.

Supplies to start gathering:


Binder or book of your choosing.  I like a ring binder so I can add and take out pages.  This 7-ring journal is a Day-Timer I picked up at Walmart a few years ago.  It’s holding up well and I am going to continue to use it.

My Prayer Journal


Paper.  Anything I feel that makes me happy.  Pretty card stock, loose leaf paper, printer paper ect.  You will also need a hole punch if using a ring binder.  I take a full sheet and cut it in half and it fits perfectly in my prayer journal.  I use a paper trimmer to cut my sheets.


Dividers.  Make your own or buy them.  I have at least 10 categories.


Scribe.  Use your own handwriting rather than printing it out. (I would have loved it if I had a prayer book in my mom’s own handwriting passed down to me.)  Your imagination is endless.  Use markers, highlighters, watercolors, acrylics, stamps, stickers, washi tape, pictures, doodles.


Bible.  Reference and prayer.




My categories are:  AM MIRACLES (morning prayers and miracles)

  • A – Almighty God Praising God
  • M – Meditation Silence and listening


  • M – My Family Prayers and petitions for myself and my children
  • I – Imagine Visualize your days, your behavior and outcomes
  • R – Reading the Bible
  • A – Affirmations – your mantra
  • C – Confession – reviewing my last 24 hours, asking for forgiveness and guidance
  • L Love This One – my blessings and answers to my prayers
  • E Everyone Else – Prayers and petitions for others
  • S Strength – Making my Amen strong!

I’ll explain my categories in Part Two of the prayer journal tutorial.  Will gladly answer any questions or comments.

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