What makes me smile?

20160807_113821Block 49 – Summer’s Gift

This adorable block on my Splendid Sampler is from Karla Eisenach.

My colors are 2 light, a medium and a dark.  Blues and light grey.  The background is made with the pinwheel pattern, very easy to assemble.  I also used fusible web to glue the flower down and 3 strands of DMC’s  cream colored embroidery floss.  I completed this in one day.  I was able to embroider while sitting on the couch watching TV.  Once started I couldn’t put it down.  It was a pleasure to make.

I’ll start taking pictures of each step for future references.  I use YouTube all the time when I get stumped and need advise.  Hope you enjoy making this as much as I did.



To conquer my fusible flower applique.

  1. I first put the pattern down and placed the fusible web on top of it.  Make sure it’s paper side up.  with a pencil, trace around each shape leaving around 1/2 inch between each piece.  Now, trace around each shape again 1/4 inch.  This second line is your cutting line.
  2.  Cut your pieces out and iron them to the WRONG side of your fabric.  To applique you can needle turn or leave your  edges raw and blanket stitch.  I’m following the pattern and will use the blanket stitch.  It’s the first time I’m leaving the raw edges open like this so I hope it hold up to wear and tear.
  3. Cut out your flower out on the original traced line.
  4. Peel off the paper backing.  I fight this step all the time.  I had to make an addition dark blue petal because I destroyed it trying to take the paper off.  I found that if you use a straight pin to try and score the paper you can bend and peel it.  But don’t score too hard you don’t want to destroy the fabric underneath. I have to start saving the packaging so I know what products I like and don’t like. (helpful tip)
  5. Take your pinwheel background piece and put your flower together as you like. Or, follow the directions.
  6. Iron them down
  7. I took 3 strands of floss and blanket stitched all those raw edges.

Ironed my finished block and squared it up to 6 1/2 x 6 1/2.  The results?  It makes me smile.

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